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Belize & Magic

I’m blessed beyond measure. I get to travel the world. One of my favorite places to visit is a country called Belize. I love the US especially where I live but this place fills me with Magic and has become like another home. You’ll see why…

Belize & Magic

The first time a traveled to Belize was with my Father (see my Blog Post: Travels With My Dad). On the first day we visited was the partially excavated Mayan City of Cahal Pech. While my dad napped, I wandered down the hill from our small hotel at the top of the mountain and met an 8-year-old girl on a dirt road who told me she loved to read. After I promised to bring her a copy of THE PRINCESS FABLES she showed me a back entrance to the ruins. Alone, I stood in the middle of what was once a small stadium and felt the spirit of thousands of souls flowing through me. I’d never felt anything like it. It was simply Magical.

Next was the great Mayan City of Xanantunich where I stood on top of the ruins where the High Priest Ruler would speak the citizens. Onto the Hummingbird Highway to the Placencia and the Caribbean Sea, going over the Magic Hill where you put your car in neutral on downhill slope and roll back up the hill on it's own (Real Magic)

My next trip was a month long in Placencia. I stayed in a rented house on the beach and worked on my first draft of a Middle-Grade novel called BOOGER McCAFFERTY II, GROSS DETECTIVE: The Case of the Mysterious Puke (unpublished). I met and made amazing friends whose Magic added to mine: together we explored jungles, boated around the private islands off the coast, and ate lobster fresh from the sea – almost anything we wished for came true

Later that year I stayed for another month in a fishing village in Placencia with my local friends. Our Magic conjured up a stay on private island, spear-fishing, setting a small shark free, horseback riding, and visits two of the local public schools with my books.

My last visit to Placencia was two months long, staying in a condo on the ocean. I started learning the ukulele, joined friends on a catamaran on the Caribbean Sea, a private boat ride up the lagoon to a crocodile rescue camp, visited another local school and a small Art School where I read some of the stories I was working on.

I started each day out on a dock (sometimes with a new friend), welcoming the sun rising from the ocean and filling me with more Magic.

I’m heading back soon to see what other kind of Magic this country has in store for me, but I never really leave. Belize stays with me.


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