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Travels With My Dad

During the last few years of my father’s life, I convinced my father to see some of the world with me. The trips ended up being the last time he would ever venture from the house.

Travels With My Dad – Belize

Belize was our first trip together … ever in our entire lives. It was summer and I’d wanted to go away to a writing camp but the ones I wanted were booked up so I thought I’d pick a place in the world and make my own camp; find inspiration and write something new. For some reason, I’ve always had a fascination with Belize – not sure why.

My mom had passed last November and my father had become stationary. It took some convincing but I finally got him to agree to travel with me.

I documented the trip on Facebook: Follow our adventures here

I’m blessed to have had this adventure with him and I’m grateful for the opportunity to re-visit the journey as I share it with you.

(BTW This trip was where I started piecing together the story that would later become VIELED REFLECTIONS: THE DAWN OF SLEEPING BEAUTY – yet unpublished)


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