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More Travels With My Dad

During the last few years of my father’s life, I convinced my father to see some of the world with me. The trips ended up being the last time he would ever venture from the house.

Travels With My Dad – Switzerland

Switzerland was last trip together. The last bit of traveling my father would do in his lifetime.

After our excursion to Belize, my pop was ready to go again. He invited me to his regular Friday Lunch with the Guys. One of his friends plans a yearly trip to his homeland, Switzerland. He collects a group of mature soccer players and they travel the country playing local Senior Football Teams. He told my father a couple of men just canceled and would he like to go. My dad said, “Yeah,” then nudged me and said, “’You coming?”

So, we took off for Switzerland. Neither of us played soccer, we just went along for a ride, spending ten days in all four corners of this incredibly beautiful country and meeting joyous locals along the way.

Usually, when I travel, I’m so inspired I feel as though my writing technique is off the charts. This was definitely one of those times.

I documented this journey on Facebook: >> Check out our adventures here.

I’m blessed to have had these adventures with my father and I’m especially grateful for the chance to re-visit the journey as I share it with you.

(During this trip I was mapping out the story that would later become my Middle-Grade Novel, "BOOGER McCAFFERTY II GROSS DETECTIVE: The Case of the Mysterious Puke" – yet unpublished)


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