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Award-Winning Children's Author
Marc Clark

children's fables by Marc Clark

About Me

Hi, my name is Marc Clark and I write Fairytales. Thanks for visiting my website. 

I’m a Storyteller, award-winning Author, and Neuroeducation Activist (I promote the idea that the more we study the brain, the better we can help our children learn).

I believe Fairytales are real. That, along with fables, legends, and myths can help encourage confidence and individuality in young people, offering them tools to help face the many challenges of growing up in the modern world and to do so with a sense of purpose, a vivid imagination, and a strong set of values.

I believe in Magic (I see it all the time).

I believe in Miracles (they’re everywhere if you look for them).

I believe in Angels (don’t you?).

And I believe that every child should know what it feels like to have someone who believes in them. Cuz I do.

Recent Awards & Recognitions

Nine Time Amazon #1 Bestseller

Marc's first book, THE PRINCESS FABLES, is an award-winning, 9-time Amazon #1 Bestseller.

Digital & Physical Books

Free Story Download

I love getting gifts, don’t you? I love giving gifts almost as much, if not more. 

So, it’s my total pleasure to offer you a FREE story to read. I hope you like it.


This one is from THE PRINCESS FABLES. It’s called, The Princess Who Grunted. 

Magic arriving in your inbox shortly

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Free Download


My second favorite job is visiting schools, hospitals, and clubs around the country and around the world (speaking to over 15,000 young people). I talk about the craft of writing, why fairytales are such an important part of a child’s development, read a story, or lead a Workshop on HOW TO TELL A SIMPLE STORY (and wait till you hear about my AUTHOR’S LUNCH–it’s the best).

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